All metal food and beverage cans such as pop, beer, soup, vegetable, and tuna can be recycled in your community's recycling program. Cans should be emptied, rinsed, and then recycled.

Cans are made from either steel or aluminum. Aluminum cans put in your curbside recycling are processed and turned back into new cans and foil that you’ll see on store shelves. Steel cans are recycled into new cans, car parts, and even bridges.

If your community does not offer curbside pick-up, a list of community single stream recycling drop-off locations can be found here.

Aluminum beverage cans may be turned in for cash at a local scrap yard.

Do not include scrap metal, car parts, wire and cord, or other metal objects in your curbside recycling. These metal objects are dangerous for the workers and the sorting machinery at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF or recycling plant). Take the items to a local scrap yard.

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