5 Businesses ideas to help make your company green!

  1. Make sure you are recycling office paper, plastic bottles and cans. Place them near vending areas for cans too. All of our drop-off sites accept mixed office paper and cans.
  2. Recognize “Green Employees”– Is there one employee who has reached out to make your business green? Show appreciation for employees who work hard to make your sustainability efforts successful.
  3. Litter Cleanup – Partner with us to clean litter from areas near your business. The Solid Waste District distributes trash bags, gloves and litter grabbers to volunteers. Let your employees use a little work time to volunteer to clean litter.
  4. Reuse Program – Stop using disposable cups! Mugs are a great way to advertise your business and support reuse. Personalize them for employees!
  5. Kick off a new recycling initiative – Want to expand your recycling efforts? A company called Teracycle issues recycling collection boxes for almost anything from binders to chip bags. Visit and eliminate hard to recycle waste.
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