Apps For Kids

10 New educational recycling related apps online for children.

You and your child will have fun with these “gamer” apps from how to on recycling to ones acting as waste vehicle simulators. Here is just a few to check out.

  1. Recycle Paradise: LumiSys Kft. Helps kids learn about the not so simple world of waste collection. They will sort 200+ little garbage pieces to get them in the right place. (Apple iPhone or iPad)
  2. Race to Recycle: Created by the County of Orange, tests the students’ skills as materials roll down the conveyor belt.
  3. Trash It: By Dan Nim Anderson (app store only) See how fast you can sort waste at a recycling center.
  4. Gro recycling: Ages 5 and younger will love feeding hungry recycling bins.
  5. Garbage Truck: By Austin Ivansmith (Google Play) This preschool game allows children to touch anywhere on the screen to change the colors of the truck, the cab, collect garbage cans and move the truck.
  6. Recycle More: To recycle is a very important task that we as a society must learn. That educative-addictive game teaches through gaming the importance and methodology to recycle nowadays.
  7. Waste Sorting: Panda Games for Preschoolers. We are throwing away far too much garbage for our planet to handle, somethings can be recycled and some can be composted. Understand the common categories of waste and learn waste sorting with the little panda!
  8. Garbage Truck Simulator 2017: (Google Play) Time to cleanup NY city roads. Kids can perform cleanup duty as a trash truck driver.
  9. Recycle Roundup: (National Geographic Kids) Help clean up the park! Sort the stuff people throw away into the proper bins.
  10. Recycle Game: (By Cancan Games) It’s obvious we need to change the world. But how? We need to make recycling a habit for future generations! This game, for mobile devices, has been made for the purpose of educating people on how and why we should recycle, while keeping the experience fun.